Book #1 of the Forbidden Gems Trilogy

Diamond Dark

The fiery love story that spans generations

From the wild Cornish coast to the tumultuous frontier of British India, headstrong Raven Barrancourt must sail halfway around the world to seek a fortune that will save her beloved ancestral home. But what she finds in India is worth more than silver, gold, or any fabled jewel. Sea captain Charles St. Germain doesn’t need the distraction of a black-haired beauty on his voyage to India, where a dangerous mission awaits him. Espionage, revolution, and the theft of a priceless diamond threaten his duties in India’s wild Northwest Frontier, but far more dangerous is his growing passion for the one woman he knows he can’t have.

Book #2 of the Forbidden Gems Trilogy

Diamond Fire

A love more splendid than any jewel… Strong-minded Raven Barrancourt has sailed to faraway India hoping to save her beloved Cornish home from ruin. But when an Indian empress entrusts her with a fabled diamond said to carry a dangerous curse, Raven’s own life may well be at stake. With northern India on the edge of revolt, Raven must entrust her safety and her priceless secret to the one man who rejected her.

Blinded by passion, Charles St. Germain would sail to the corners of the earth to make Raven his, though fate in the form of the world’s rarest gem could conspire to keep them apart. From the splendors of British India to antebellum Charleston, duty and betrayal threaten the love he has found in a woman worth more than any fortune. As book two of the Forbidden Gems Trilogy,  Diamond Fire brings the sweeping romance of India and antebellum Charleston to tempestuous life.

Book #3 of the Forbidden Gems Trilogy

Diamond Deep

The tempestuous tale of the St. Germain women and the men who capture their  hearts continues in stunning fashion… When a collision between two ships hurls Sable St. Germain into the sea, fate has a clear hand in choosing the man who saves her.

Battle-scarred sea captain Morgan Rhys Carey refuses to return his lovely passenger to her family while on a reckless mission to save the life of a friend. But he soon finds himself risking everything to keep Sable by his side and in his bed. Though Sable is determined to flee the man who’s abducted her, she can’t help responding to the passion he has awakened within her. And while Morgan believes his destiny lies elsewhere, his obsession with this bewitching beauty holds him captive as well.

Any Convict Will Do
Flame-haired Rowena Calder will do anything to save her beloved Highland home from ruin after Scotland’s defeat on Culloden Moor, including marrying an Englishman. To ensure no man will ever lay claim to her inheritance, Rowena travels to a notorious English border prison to wed a lowly convict. Her requirements are simple: a strong worker who can read and write, knows something about horses, and wouldn’t dare rise above his station. But Rowena miscalculates when choosing former British cavalry officer Ethan Bloodwell as a husband. Falsely imprisoned for assaulting a nobleman, Ethan isn’t at all what he seems or what Rowena expects. Handsome, virile, and no man’s fool, Ethan plans to escape the moment their marriage vows are exchanged—but not before he seduces his innocent bride during an impassioned wedding night that could well change the course of their lives…
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