Ellen Tanner Marsh


Flame-haired Rowena Calder will do anything to save her beloved Highland home from ruin after Scotland’s defeat on Culloden Moor, including marrying an Englishman. To ensure no man will ever lay claim to her inheritance, Rowena travels to a notorious English border prison to wed a lowly convict. Her requirements are simple: a strong worker who can read and write, knows something about horses, and wouldn’t dare rise above his station. But Rowena miscalculates when choosing former British cavalry officer Ethan Bloodwell as a husband. Falsely imprisoned for assaulting a nobleman, Ethan isn’t at all what he seems or what Rowena expects. Handsome, virile, and no man’s fool, Ethan plans to escape the moment their marriage vows are exchanged—but not before he seduces his innocent bride during an impassioned wedding night that could well change the course of their lives…

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